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April 11th

Keith’s Shop Notes

Ohio University Moms Weekend in Athens

Beautiful weather and from the traffic yesterday it looks like it will be a great Moms weekend in Athens. OU puts on a good show for everyone with lots of events and activities, and with my shop just one block from the campus gate we get quite a few visitors and shoppers.


My retail showroom will be closed the week of April 13thback to normal hours the week of the 20th.

I take a break from my showroom several times a year. Design creative time, study, workshop maintenance, and of course, some personal vacation and family time are called for yearly. I love my work and the idea that I have been able to feed this passion for 40 years, and I’m not even close to putting my tools away.

Normally these breaks are around the first of the year, early spring, mid-summer, and late fall.

OU Beads
Ohio University Beads, Mom, Paw, Baseball, Softball

OU 1804 Emerald Key Pendant

It had been years since I last made a piece of Ohio University jewelry.  It was long enough, so about four years ago I decided it was time to do some new designs, something special; something more than a logo on metal. The first piece that came from my endeavor was this “OU 1804” key design. I wanted the focus of the piece to be the key, which to me symbolizes the access to learning and the opportunities in life gained by attending Ohio University. It just felt right. This yellow gold pendant is my newest iteration, crafted in 18K gold, and set with an emerald in the “0” of the “1804.” This key design was the first–and my personal favorite–of the designs in my Ohio University jewelry line.

This pendant is available for purchase, please contact me. $695.00

Click here to purchase my Sterling Silver Ohio University OU 1804 Key